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Degrees in Bioethics

The Ethics program has been created to prepare students to engage in education, research, and service related to current ethical issues in health care. Typically, this degree is an excellent pathway to graduate work at the doctoral level, or is a skill set to complement health care careers or other professions such as clinical ethics, theology, law, counseling, and education.

Throughout the program you will explore historic traditions of ethical thought, gain skill in a clinical setting, and develop critical thinking skills for applying theory and values to contemporary, moral, and social issues.

Your professors represent areas of expertise such as biblical scholarship, bioethics, sociology of religion, and ethical theory. In addition, clinical faculty from across all health care professions are involved in the program. This diversity of specialists provides you with a rich and balanced program of study.

Ethical issues in health care are explored from a Christian perspective at Loma Linda University. Students from over 65 religions and 80 countries study here. A mutual and shared respect for various cultures and beliefs is emphasized on the campus and in the classroom. Small class sizes allow for specified instruction and personal growth.

The Ethics Program draws upon resources from across the entire Loma Linda University campus. Additionally, two academic centers—the Center for Christian Bioethics and the Center for Spiritual Life and Wholeness—along with the many health care clinics associated with the medical and dental schools, provide a rich context in which to study bioethics.

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