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Jon Paulien

Jon Paulien, PhD

909-558-8434 (x. 88434 on campus) jpaulien@llu.edu

Dr Paulien received his bachelor’s degree in theology from Atlantic Union College, which included a year abroad studying in West Germany. His MDiv degree (1975) and his PhD in New Testament (1987) were both earned from Andrews University.

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Leo Ranzolin

Leo Ranzolin, ThD

Associate Dean
909-558-8434 (x. 42092 on campus) lranzolin@llu.edu

Dr. Leo Ranzolin received his B.S. in Management from Columbia Union College (1981); he earned an M.Div. degree from Andrews University’s Theological Seminary (1987) and a Th.M. degree in Biblical Studies from Duke University’s Divinity School (1993).

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Whitny Braun, PhD

Instructor, Ethical Studies
909-558-1000 (x 44536 on campus) wbraun@llu.edu

Erik C. Carter

Erik C. Carter, DMin, PhD

Assistant Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-1000 (x. 42942 on campus) eccarter@llu.edu

A dual citizen of the United States and Norway, Dr. Erik C. Carter received degrees in theology and religion from Southern Adventist University and Andrews University, as well as a DMin from Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary. His PhD is from Claremont School of Theology.

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Janice De-White

Janice P De-Whyte, PhD

Assistant Professor, Theology Studies
909-558-2338 (x. 82338 on campus) jdewhyte@llu.edu

Dr. De-Whyte is a pastor and biblical scholar, fascinated by ancient texts and their ancient and contemporary meanings. Proud to be a Ghanaian-British woman, she enjoys the diversity of her heritage and cultural worlds. With a Ghanaian zest for life and British humor in tow, Janice has worked in Canada and is currently an “alien” in the USA. Described by friends as a "global-soul” and world citizen, Dr. De-Whyte enjoys the diversity of LLU. As a postmodern millennial poring over ancient texts, she also likes discovering the various contexts and interpretations of the Bible.

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Oleksandr Dubov, PhD

Instructor, Ethical Studies
909-558-1000 (x 87596 on campus) adubov@llu.edu


Jeff Gang, MDiv, DMin

Assistant Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-1000 (x 15952 on campus) jgang@llu.edu

Carla Gober-Park, PhD, MS, MPH, RN

Assistant Vice President, Spiritual Life and Mission
Director, Center for Spiritual Life & Wholeness
Assistant Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-7786 (x. 87786 on campus) cgober@llu.edu

Dr. Gober received her undergraduate education from Southern Adventist University in nursing and religious studies, which included a year of study in England. She completed two master’s degrees from Loma Linda University; a MPH health education and promotion (1985), and a MS in marriage and family studies (1994). Dr. Gober completed her PhD in religious studies from Emory University (Atlanta, GA) in 2008, where her doctoral focus was in the area of attachment, memory and meaning. She joined the LLU faculty in 1997.

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David R Larson

David R Larson, DMin, PhD

Professor, Theology Studies
909-558-8103 (x 88103 on campus) dlarson@llu.edu

Early in his career, David served as a church pastor for the SDA church in Southern California. In 1974 Dr Larson joined the LLU faculty of religion and has taught ethics courses to students from many programs and Schools across campus. His areas of specialty include medical ethics, sexual ethics, philosophical ethics, and theological ethics. It was especially gratifying to Dr Larson to be part of the team that gained formal approval to establish a Center for Christian Bioethics on the LLU campus with voluntary contributions in 1983.

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Ted Levterov

Theodore (Ted) Levterov, PhD

Assistant Professor, Theology Studies
909-558-4945 (x 44945 on campus) tlevterov @llu.edu

A native of Bulgaria, Dr. Levterov graduated with a BA in Theology from Newbold College in England. Both his MDiv and his PhD degree were earned from the SDA Theological Seminary at Andrews University. His dissertation was titled, “The Development of the Seventh-day Adventist Understanding of Ellen G White’s Prophetic Gift: 1844-1889,” which combined his dual areas of interest and expertise in Adventist studies and historical theology.

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Zdravko Plantak

Zdravko Plantak, PhD

Professor, Ethical Studies
909-651-5097 (x 15097 on campus) zplantak @llu.edu

A native of Croatia, Dr. Plantak received his BA in Theology from Newbold College in England. He then earned an MA in Theology from Andrews University, and a postgraduate certificate in Pastoral Counseling and Church Growth before receiving a PhD. in Theology and Christian Ethics from King’s College, University of London.

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Richard Rice

Richard Rice, PhD

Professor, Theological Studies
909-558-3452 (x. 83452 on campus) rrice@llu.edu

Dr Rice earned his MDiv degree from the Andrews University Theological Seminary in 1969. He received both his master’s degree (1972) and his PhD (1974) from the University of Chicago Divinity School. Early in his career he was a pastor at two churches in Southern California. He first joined Loma Linda University to teach religion courses in 1974; then, after spending almost fifteen years teaching religion at the undergraduate level at La Sierra University, Dr Rice re-joined the LLU faculty in 1998.

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Randy L. Roberts

Randy L. Roberts, DMin, MDiv

Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-4570 (x. 44570 on campus) rroberts@lluc.org

"Pastor Randy" was born in South America of missionary parents, and spent the majority of his life before college in Latin American countries.

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Siroj Sorajjokool

Siroj Sorajjakool, PhD

Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-3413 (x.83413 on campus) ssorajjakool@llu.edu

Dr Sorajjakool, a native of Thailand, earned his bachelor’s degree in Theology from Southeast Asia Union Seminary in Singapore (1982). He holds two master’s degrees; an MA Religion from Andrews University (Extension Campus at Spicer Memorial College, Pune, India – 1987), and an MA Theological Studies from Claremont School of Theology (1998). In 1999 Dr Sorajjakool also received his PhD in Theology and Personality (Pastoral Care and Counseling) from Claremont.

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Calvin Thomsen, PhD.

Calvin Thomsen, PhD

Assistant Professor, Relational Studies
909-558-6268 (x. 46268 on campus) cthomsen@llu.edu

Dr. Thomsen has been teaching for the LLU School of Religion since 1999, with expertise in the areas of grief and bereavement, spiritualty and therapy, and integrative patient care.

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Sigve Tonstad

Sigve K. Tonstad, MD, MA, PhD.

Assistant Professor, Theology Studies

Sigve Tonstad was born and raised in Norway. He completed a B.A. in Theology at Middle East College in Lebanon and Andrews University (1974), his MD from Loma Linda University (1979), an MA in Biblical Studies at LLU (1990), and a PhD in New Testament Studies at the University of St. Andrews (2005). He also spent a semester at Duke University studying with E. P. Sanders and Richard B. Hays.

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James Walters

James W. Walters, PhD

Professor, Ethical Studies
909-558-4536 (x. 47011 on campus) jwalters@llu.edu

Dr Walters received his undergraduate degree from Southern Adventist University and then completed his MDiv at Andrews University. He also earned a master’s degree and his doctoral degree from the Claremont Graduate School. He wrote is doctoral dissertation on "The Ethics of Martin Buber: A Theological and Philosophical Analysis."

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Zane Yi

Zane Yi, PhD

Assistant Professor, Theology Studies
909-558-7008 (x. 47008 on campus) zyi@llu.edu

Dr Yi returned to Southern California in 2013 after earning his doctorate degree at Fordham University. He also holds master’s degrees in philosophy and theology from Fordham, Fuller Theological Seminary and Loyola Marymount University in California

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