We are pleased to offer several courses online.

These courses are open to current students, employees and community members. 




RELE 524

Bioethics and Society
Explores from Christian & philosophical perspectives- issues confronting both society and patients. Uses case studies to illustrate such themes as health disparities, AIDs, policy, end-of-life care, and organ transplantation.


RELE 534

Ethical Issues in Public Health
Ethical issues encountered by public health administrators, educators, and investigators.


RELR 540

Wholeness and Health
Aids student in formulation of a portfolio that incorporates a variety of activities related to biblical concepts of wholeness. Addresses 1) the integration of mind/body/spirit, 2) strengthening relationships, 3) care of the environment, and 4) the healing of the nations from personal and professional perspectives.


RELR 500

Biblical Hermeneutics
Explores the principles of interpreting the Bible in relationship to real-life situations.


RELT 540

World Religions and Human Health
Studies the history, beliefs, and practices of major religions of the world, with an emphasis on theological and ethical issues in the practice of health care ministry.


RELT 557

Theology of Human Suffering
Suffering and evil in relation to the creative and redemptive purposes of God for this world. Focus on formation of student's theology of human suffering.


These courses are offered for academic credit or for personal/professional development. University and medical center employee benefits can be used for payment of tuition. Check the course schedule here for class offerings.