The Center for Christian Bioethics, which opened its doors in January of 1984, enhances teaching, research, and service in biomedical ethics and related fields at Loma Linda University.

The Center for Whole Person Care opened its doors with the vision of expanding the integration of spirituality and wholeness in health care through the avenues of research, education, and service. The center's staff includes director Saul Barcelo, PhD and manager Anne Nicolas. Contact the center at 909-558-7786 ext. 8778.

The Center for Understanding World Religions was established in 2016 and assists with the central definition of a university—the exchange and understanding of diverse ideas such as different religious beliefs.

The Humanities Program seeks to integrate humanities in the health professional programs on campus and to educate the community on the intersecting issues on law, medicine, art, health, religion, and the various aspects of society and culture.