Inside Look Newsletter - Winter 2021

For the Winter 2021 edition of Inside Look, we touch on some exciting updates for the Center for Christian Bioethics. On the Center's podcast, A Scholarly Conversation, Dr.

"Triage Ethics During a Pandemic" webinar held during COVID-19 pandemic

On March 25, 2020, the Center for Christian Bioethics held an webinar titled "Triage Ethics During a Pandemic." In an effort to support the work of healthcare systems struggling with COVID-19, the Center for Christian Bioethics presented ethical guidelines and fielded questions from practicing clinicians, administrators, and students. Dr. Gerald Winslow began the presentation with a history of triage and examples of common triage situations such as transplantation and emergency department protocols. Moving to triage in a pandemic, Dr. Grace Oei discussed the tensions between clinical ethics and public health ethics. Dr. Oei argued that a form of explicit rationing with committees and policies is more ethical in a crisis than implicit rationing which functions on a smaller scale in an ad-hoc fashion. She also presented an ethical framework tailored to crisis response before transitioning to Dr. Gina Mohr who discussed allocation guidelines currently used in New York. Participants in the webinar asked multiple questions ranging from the appropriateness of specific procedures to coordination between hospitals and local governments. The Center for Christian Bioethics hopes this presentation and the included resources will prove useful to a broader audience and has made them available on the Adventist Bioethics Consortium website. The webinar is available to members of the Adventist Bioethics Consortium at their website for viewing.

Nancy Berlinger speaks at Provonsha Lecture

On March 6, Nancy Berlinger, PhD, Research Scholar at the Hastings Center, spoke at the 88th Annual Alumni Postgraduate Convention as the 2020 Jack W. Provonsha Lecturer. Her presentation, entitled “After harm: truth-telling, apology, repair, and forgiveness in healthcare,” explored medical error, harm, and forgiveness from the perspective of healthcare ethics, theology, and personal narrative. The lecture reflected her previous work in medical error and forgiveness, most notably seen in her 2007 book, “After Harm: Medical Error and the Ethics of Forgiveness.” The lecture was followed by a panel response from Christopher Church, MD, Christian Johnston, JD, and Grace Oei, MD, MA, local leaders in medical truth telling, medical law, and clinical ethics, respectively.

Jukes Namm speaks at Grand Rounds on medical innovation

On February 13, 2020, Dr. Jukes Namm, Loma Linda University's surgical oncologist and clinical ethicist, presented at Bioethics Grand Rounds. His lecture, Medical Innovation or Human Experimentation? Primum Non Nocere, explored the ethical issues that should be considered for innovative medical interventions and addressed our moral obligation to patients, contrasting differences in innovation and research.

Kate Bowler speaker for Bioethics Convocation

On February 9, Kate Bowler spoke for the Bioethics Convocation at Loma Linda University. She shared her work on the prosperity gospel and her book Everything Happens for a Reason and Other Lies I’ve Loved, detailing her experience of getting stage-4 colon cancer at 35 years-old. Kate Bowler explored life after things come apart and what might be better than being perfect: being human. The presentation was preceded by a Contributor Convocation Luncheon attended by faculty scholars and contributors.