By bschin - October 21, 2019

From October 24-27, a large group of ethical consultants, physicians, and CCB Faculty Scholars presented at the American Society for Bioethics and Humanities’ Annual Conference.

Faculty Scholars having dinner at ASBH

  • Adam Borecky, MD presented in Reweighing the Ethical Tradeoffs in the Involuntary Hospitalization of Suicidal Patients based off his recently published article in The American Journal of Bioethics.
  • Grace Oei, MD and Carissa Cianci, RN presented in Attempted Suicide in Patients Who Request DNAR or Limitation of Treatment: What is the Clinician’s Duty?
  • Amy Reese, PharmD, and Gina Mohr, MD discussed how professional responsibilities can collide when dealing with opioids in their presentation Pharmacy and Ethics.
  • Alex (Oleksandr) Dubov, PhD presented during five sessions: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Bioethics; Clinical Neuroethics; Choice Architecture in Pediatric Ethics; Decision Making: Empirical & Conceptual Approaches; Clinical Ethics & Psychiatry 
  • Bates Moses, MD, Palliative Medicine physician from Kaiser Permanente, presented in Choice Architecture in Pediatric Ethics and Decision Making: Empirical & Conceptual Approaches.  
  • Grace Oei, MD, Whitny Braun, PhD, and David Chooljian, MD, JD presented in Selective Disability: Development of a Guideline Regarding Selection of Aneuploid and Mosaic Embryos for Implantation.