Two Loma Linda University School of Religion staff members

The LLU Humanities Program, house in the School of Religion, seeks to integrate humanities in the health professional programs on campus and to educate the community on the intersecting issues on law, medicine, art, health, religion, and the various aspects of society and culture.

Loma Linda University’s mission and culture revolve around whole person care. In all our educational and clinical programs we aspire to teach the integration of treating the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of patients, as we “continue the teaching and healing ministry of Jesus.” We further believe that the humanities – literature, history, ethics, religion, philosophy, and the arts – help provide insight into the human condition. So it is fitting that we offer an interdisciplinary academic and professional curricula, as well as cultural activities that integrate the humanities and the health sciences.

Health care professionals who graduate from Loma Linda University will influence and be influenced by a complex society. Engagement of the humanities, in a dynamic health-care environment, will aid Loma Linda University graduates to be leaders in making humanity whole.

To see videos of recent Humanities Program events and panels, visit the Event Videos archive here.

The Humanities encourage an anthropological dig into that which explains, depicts, shapes, and calls on us to be human. They are our histories, our stories—lived, our cultural, social, religious identities. The humanities define us—human.

Program Director

James Walters, PhD