Grace Oei, MD, MA

Grace Oei, MD, MA, HEC-C

Associate Director

Grace Oei is a bioethicist who is also an Assistant Professor of Pediatrics in the School of Medicine. For several years, she was the Director of Clinical Ethics for Loma Linda University Health. She is a practicing pediatric intensivist and clinical ethics consultant, and has successfully completed the Healthcare Ethics Consultant-Certified Program (HEC-C)

Gerald Winslow, PhD

Gerald Winslow, PhD

Research Professor

For over five decades, Gerald Winslow has taught and written about ethics, especially biomedical ethics. During this time, he has served as an academic administrator and health care executive. As Research Professor, Dr. Winslow will focus on Adventist bioethics and the ongoing development of the Adventist Bioethics Consortium.

MaryJane Rasnic, MSA

MaryJane Rasnic, MSA

Administrative Liaison

MaryJane comes from a background of health care and administration and will limit her supportive role to the Adventist Bioethics Consortium.