Selected Jack W. Provonsha Lectures

The annual Jack W. Provonsha Lecture honors Dr. Jack Provonsha, founder of the Center for Christian Bioethics. Find below a listing of selected lectures given at Loma Linda University by distinguished scholars over the past thirty years with links to transcripts and/or video-recordings.”


Date Presenter Title Links
October 8, 2022 Mark Fox, MD, PhD Entertaining Angels Unawares An Articulation of the Distinctive Virtues of Community Medicine    Youtube video available
March 6, 2020 Nancy Berlinger, PhD After harm: truth-telling, apology, repair, and forgiveness in healthcare    Youtube video available
March 1, 2019 Robert Macauley, MD Devout Requests for Maximal Treatment: Sanctity of (Earthly) Life, or Crisis of Faith?    Youtube video available
March 2, 2018 Farr Curlin, MD What Does Medicine Have to Do with the Healing Ministry of Jesus Christ?    Youtube video available
March 3, 2017 Gina Mohr, MD The Ethical Imperative of Palliative Care     vimeo video available
February 16, 2006 S. Cromwell Crawford, PhD Physician-Assisted Suicide: A Hindu Perspective pdf available  Youtube video available
February 28, 2005 James F. Childress, PhD Just Care: Rationing in a Public Health Crisis pdf available  youtube video available
March 9, 1998 Margaret E. Mohrmann, MD, PhD The Practice of the Ministry of Medicine    pdf available  
March 4, 1996 H. Tristam Engelhardt, MD, PhD Religious Considerations: Sacred and Secular    youtube video available
March 5, 1994 Gerald R. Winslow, PhD Minding Our Language: Metaphors and Biomedical Ethics    pdf available  
February 6, 1993 David Schiedermayer, MD  Wages Through The Ages: The Ethics of Physician Income     pdf available  
February 22, 1992 Robert D. Orr, MD  Personal and Professional Integrity in Clinical Medicine     pdf available  
February 24, 1990 H. E. Clifford, MD, FRCS, FRACS Strategies for Moral Decision-Making: Confessions of a Moral Underling    pdf available  
February 15, 1989 Edmund D. Pellegrino, MD Character, Virtue and Self-Interest in the Ethics of the Professions     pdf available