October 5, 2019
"Playing God?: Defining Appropriate Parameters for Embryo Selection in the Age of Genetic Testing"

Karen Lebacqz, PhD (Pacific School of Religion, California)
Manid Mavani, PhD (Bayan Claremont, California)
Gina Messina, PhD (Ursuline College, Ohio)

July 21, 2018
"Spirituality in Decision Making: Support or Crutch"

Grace Oei, MD 

March 17, 2017
"Story of the Belmont Report: Personal Reflections of Commissioner Karen Lebacqz, PhD"

Interviewed by Gerald Winslow

October 12, 2016
"Opting Out: LLUH's Response to California's End of Life Option Act"

Gerald Winslow, PhD
Gina Mohr, MD
Grace Oei, MD

February 11, 2015
"Orthodox Orthodox: Pilgrimage Through Suffering to Healing"

Daniel Hinshaw, MD

April 26, 2014
"God's Hotel: A Doctor, a Hospital, and a Pilgrimage to the Heart of Medicine"

Victoria Sweet, MD, PhD

February 26, 2014
"Decision Making for the Unbefriended Patient"

Joan Henriksen Hellyer, RN, PhD

March 1, 2012
"Not Dead Yet?"

Grace Oei, MD